Fleeing Cultures Become Weakest Link

It remains a persistent myth that mass uncontrolled migration will heal Nations of Poverty... When, in fact, the only strength, hope, and courage to heal poverty; resides as a working transformation INSIDE the poorest Nations.
I believe that in the handful of years to come, many will be drawn to return to the land of their culture; to provide strength & aid in its survival...
Many do not realize the true power of their own convictions...

Fleeing Cultures may run from corruptive elements they feel powerless to change; but neither is the answer is found in the shadows of new Society, nor in "over-crowding" other Nations.

I believe that Unity requires people with their own cause; and also requires great sacrifice... But fleeing, instead of taking a stand, lacks conviction... Sadly, it is the culture which lacks conviction to support their culture's strength, which will surely find it lost... The strongest link offers simple generosity and strong sense of one's own culture, toward better process... Especially in times of dwindling natural resources and World-wide drought…

REMOVE FROM OFFICE TODAY: Time to deselect those who deny our Nation its strength to protect our borders, for they will be the fast-track to complete loss of social fabric...
i.e: Search for (often missed, Local Elections)... Check your local polls (US).

VOTE TODAY 11/06/07:
Encourage those who choose to become their Nation's strength to implement transformation; for they will prevent the birth of future civil wars...

This State takes a Stand:
Video: Immigration enforcement in Oklahoma

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