Halloween-Taliban Claim 3/4 Take-Over?

October 31st and hundreds of Afghan villagers were fleeing the area in the middle of harvest season, leaving pomegranate crops at a prime picking time. And although there had been no air strikes... Villagers say:
"The people are fleeing because the Taliban are taking over civilian homes," Saqib said... And another: "The Taliban came into our village and they told us to leave," Khan said. "We just packed up our necessities and left. Our pomegranate orchard and home, we left behind." Read more
Image: USAID- Before Taliban Forced Afghans Out...

As the Halloween- Taliban forced Hundreds of Afghans into cars and tractors piled high with personal possessions...
Why didn't bother to mention this?
Instead they boast that the area is in 3/4 possession by the Taliban...
"Qari Mohammad Yousuf, a Taliban spokesman claims that fighters had captured seven checkpoints around Arghandab; and amidst heavy fighting, Taliban presently controls three-quarters of the strategically valuable land near Kandahar, a city seen as the group's former stronghold."

Taliban spokesman says, "Control of this area would put the Taliban within striking distance of Kandahar, southern Afghanistan's largest city. It is clear the Taliban would struggle to drive out the international forces."
AFGHANISTAN UPDATE: Video Opens to New Window

It is troops of the 'Free World' against "Osama Ben-Ideologists"... And there is no way that these people will be ruled by the Taliban! And the city (a major base for the US military) will NOT be over-taken!"

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