Mexico's Policies Are U.S. Worst Tragedy

As my country tries to pick up the pieces as a result of the California fires..
Many have returned to see that everything of their past and future, is destroyed! Today I am also saddened by Mexico's devastating tragedy. Although a significant portion of California fires are confirmed to been started by Mexican citizens; these are milestones by which each Nation picks up, and continues on...
The real tragedy has been the impact of Mexican's struggles to find Socialism in the United States; while leaving an Authoritarian Regime which highlights decades of the Mexican Government's NEGLECT. A Country of whose extreme wealth fails to extend riches beyond a select few; as the aftermath spirals throughout my Nation. (May God Bless each Mexican's effort to stay & reform their Mexico.)
Today the American Red Cross is aiding Mexico, while assisting its own...
U.S. efforts to get to the root of our Neighbor's struggles have exceeded into the trillions; and sadly remains the U.S. most thankless job...
-View VIDEO "The Rebels of 'the other America' are a driving force against Democratic Societies; and a multi-billion dollar debt for eradication of Drug Crops in the Southern Hemisphere...
And progrssive Guerrilla tactics as they spread further North into Mexico...
The silent and unspoken Ecological Disaster...
"More than 100,000 acres are deforested each year to grow coca, marijuana, and opium poppies resulting in exacerbated deforestation and loss of biodiversity.

Growers push higher up the slopes and into more remote, virgin forests of the Andes (aided by an increase in opium cultivation which favors higher altitudes) as a means of escaping the law. Seventy three percent of the Andes, an area that is vital to the conservation of Colombia's water supply, has been deforested as a result of both migration and drug cultivation."

A closer look at this ecological disaster!"
In my World we pray for these people, while (not a moment too late or too soon) we take you to the root core of the Mass-migration to America, the humanitarian Breaches, and agenda of Colombian influence upon Mexico. (Iran's IRGC migration to assist Fellow Revolutionaries.)
"Due to the illegality of coca and poppy growth the farmers place their fields on hillsides, which are more difficult for the government agents to reach than fields located on the valley floors. Because the government NOW pursues an active eradication campaign, to thwart efforts of long-term cultivation of illegal substance...

The coca fields are planted along the contours of the land with little terracing and the fields are kept bare of plants except for the coca or poppy plants. These methods, in combination with the steep slopes, serve to strip away topsoil with every strong wind and heavy rain, very quickly making the fields infertile not only for further cultivation but for jungle plant life as well."
Recent observers over-flying the jungle describe it as a patchwork quilt of green broken by patches of gray desolation. In addition to causing soil infertility, the topsoil runoff fills waterways and rivers with sediment changing their courses, causing flooding, and killing fish and aquatic plant life by lowering the oxygen content of the water and smothering the river bottoms."

Illicit production of methamphetamine may involve hazardous materials that are toxic, corrosive, flammable, or explosive."

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