Turks Protest PKK Cross-border Firings

Doesn't this look like a clear demonstration that cross-border firings cannot be tolerated by anyone. Take 4000 rockets a day, & then look at Israel, of whose attempts to stop these attacks are condemned by the World. This is why such destabilizing fractions have become 'status-Quo'.
Photo/Murad Sezer: The Turks don't Like it either!

Time to shorten, not widen the Conflict...
Rice will meet with Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan and other senior officials Friday in Ankara on Saturday at a conference for Iraq's neighbors in Istanbul...However, street protesters have urged the government to send troops across the border even if it means deepening the rift with the U.S., their Cold War-era ally. Read more.
"Any cross-border attack would be aimed at hitting terrorist bases, and would not be an invasion," said Babacan, who has toured the Middle East to seek support from Arab leaders for Turkey's stance...However, Iraqi Kurds have warned Turkey against a cross-border offensive, saying they will defend their territory against any incursion and suggesting Turkey's real goal is to disrupt their virtual mini-state."

It is said that turkey's success could incite separatism in its own Kurd minority; and I have no doubt that the result of a full scale war, would develop a broader, more long-term, conflict; resulting in thousands of deaths... God END THIS NOW.
Civil Fights: The report nobody's talking about

Turkish Lives in midst of Russian Business Deal...
Gazprom to supply 500m cubic meters of gas to Turkey annually
Tehran Times, Iran - 21 hours ago
Gazprom Export, the Russian gas monopoly's export arm, and Turkey's Avrasya Gaz AS signed the contract in Ankara.
"The contract puts an end to the first #

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