Return to Father's Forest...

There is so much more that I wanted to post but I've run out of time...
I leave (again) to Father's Forest, as we continue with our work... More about it here. Will post more as time permits; & internet is available. :)

I also leave you with an interesting and enlightening video of Sean David Morton talking on Pole Shift & 2012 to David FARMAN...
Incidentally, the shift (in video) is accidental... (haha)

And you might like this VIDEO (below)
-A Tutorial on transforming to a higher light body. :)
One can always benefit from this understanding...(more later)
See you again soon! - M.B.

PS: Also: Interesting asteroid info...(Not like you'll need it) But hey :D
Last Days On Earth: part. 1 Here | part. 2 Here | part. 3 Here

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