The Shi'a-Caliph Casualties, Continue…

News story: "Several hundred Palestinian refugees at the Nahr Al-Bared camp, in the north of Lebanon, are suffering from the lack of water & food."

CORRECTION: The Palestinians suffer from bomb inhalation amidst explosions inflicted by the warring Fatah al-Islam terrorist group!
At first glance I thought it might be the new relief-shift for the Iranian-inspired guerrilla group, Hezbollah...
Perhaps not... But look at the headlines:
Report: Fatah-Islam, 'Palestinian group' behind minister assassination
"Palestinian group"? Bomb & Blame?...Sounds like "Shi'a"/Hamas-Gaza P.R. to me!
From Al Bawaba:
As Reported by a Lebanese newspaper, on Saturday:
Lebanese investigators have concluded that it was the al Qaeda-inspired militants, Fatah al-Islam, who killed the Christian Lebanese minister in 2006.
An-Nahar daily said results of the investigation into the Nov. 21 assassination of Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel would be made public soon and would show proof against Fatah al-Islam militants.

Gemayel was assassinated while driving in a Christian suburb of Beirut. The country's ruling coalition, to whom Gemayel's Phalange Party belongs, accused Damascus of his killing. Syria denied any involvement. Read more
Lebanese investigators found a car suspected of being used in Gemayel's murder last month during a crackdown against militants across the north, security sources have said, according to Reuters. Lebanese sources claim Ahmed Jibril's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command played a role in the murder.

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