A Free and Independent Kosovo

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Today, my thoughts are with Kosovo's 'strive for Independence'...
I believe that the one common goal on this Planet is to experience a 'Unity of Freedom.' Hopefully the World will someday realize that it was the security of the poor and oppressed, which continued to determine the future of our World's Peace. Over 200 countries sought freedom from tyranny; as they merged to the free world... Away from those who held stake in their weaknesses.
The failure to respect or remember this; threatens to encourage terror onto the Free World.
*** Warning: Sensitive images. It was over a handful of years, when America responded to the Ethnic Albanian's aid...But despite the World's negative and "unpopular view of all interventions"; America helped them to close this chapter in their history...

AP Photo / Visar Kryeziu

Russia calls them a "break-away" Nation...
In April, U.N. envoy Martti Ahtisaari recommended that Kosovo be granted internationally supervised independence — a proposal strongly supported by its ethnic Albanians, who comprise 90 percent of the population of 2 million...
But vehemently opposed by its Serb minority, Serbia and Russia.
Kosovo’s desire to establish democratic institutions, include the formation of an elected assembly, and to develop and promote an independent judiciary and free press... All clear reflections of a strong will to practice Freedom…

As Albanians apply determination to seek Independence, and form a referendum to determine province's split from Serbia...
We hope for a rapid resolution toward their development as a Nation of Freedom.
REUT/Damir Sagolj (SERBIA)
History Reminds Us....
After the battle of Kosovo the Serbs did not deceive themselves, it was the death-knell to independence. It destroyed all that was done in the way of Statehood and freedoms since the eleventh century and Nemanja. Even further destruction came in 1459 when Serbia was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire proper. After that time Serbia was no longer a true state.

Memory of the expansion of Ottoman state and increasingly frequent Turkish raids into the land, created decisive battles... The memory of the fight for the Holy cross and Golden Freedom or surrender to their adversaries and live as slaves of the Muslims…Read More

We remember:
Yugoslavia: Kosovo Holds First Elections On Saturday

In fact, Albanian Army units:
work with Coalition Forces in war on terrorism

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