Dems on Iraq: Which Way the Wind Blows

I'm still away, will post as time permits...

Today's archives reflect political assessments (video below) of the dangers posed by Saddam, prior to the Bush election... All I can say is, DO NOT place your interests with people who will turn their back on a dime...

And in this fickle world of Politics, take a look at who is still standing with their word; when all those followed whichever way the wind was blowing.
-Jake Tapper asks Reid: What about the Iraqis?
Rule #1: Don't give those, who drift with the wind, your vote, charge
of your health-care, or control of your carbon foot-print!

Instapundit posts on J.D. JOHANNE'S article:
How Al Qaeda is winning the information war even as it's losing the actual war...
"Congress could act on General Petraeus' reports from the ground, rather than broadcasts generated by insurgents. This requires a simple commitment - one foreign to many in the elective branch:

Very important read… Targeting our politicians and journalists is clearly going after our weak points." Read complete story
From a comment at Powerline:
Short form:
We are now holding a tiger by the tail.
It doesn’t really matter whether it was a good idea to grab the tiger by the tail.
But it’s a REALLY bad idea to “solve the problem” by...

Keep the faith people... Someday you may be dangling at the ledge, held onto by those who believe in you; and impacted by those who (later) prefer popular opinion, from a-top the bank... ANY QUESTIONS? (Video)

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