Forgery, Tax Evasion, & Immigration Bill

Discovering the perils of Amnesty...
Worse than the precedent by which forgiveness for income tax evasion and forgery will be set in our court system... The impact which illegal migration places upon LEGAL immigrants and naturalized citizens, the world over; proves that Immigration is not the answer to the World's poverty. That answer is found in improving the home Country of which they originate...
The actual US Immigration Law..
Section 1325. Improper entry by alien
Yes, this is (still) it...
Federal Immigration and Nationality Act
Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)

Most illegal aliens in the U.S. obtain entry and secure their stay with the use of forged U.S. documents...This is a felony crime.
Section 1324c. Penalties for document fraud
If you forgive illegal aliens for forged documents, you must also forgive US criminals caught in identity theft crimes.

View this Video: As it states, it is not conjecture nor subjective...
Just something we all need to know...

It is unethical to expect legal citizens of a country to accept the following burdens, which impact a society due to illegal immigration:
Damage to a Nation's democratization; decline of environmental protections; and depletion of social reserves, intended for its citizens...

Remove eventual voter privilege for illegal immigrants; and hold employers liable for ‘withholdings’ on illegal alien’s prior income; and you will see the Senate's interest in granting Amnesty... disappear overnight.

In France: "Generosity is not opening the borders wide without thought for how people will integrate, how they will live, how they will subsist."
France gets tough on illegal immigration,
setting quotas for arrests, expulsions
His orders came after he and Prime Minister Francois Fillon visited a holding center for illegal immigrants Monday; and three days after the bodies of 18 illegal immigrants were fished from the Mediterranean by the crew of a French frigate.
Read: Gaddafi abets illegal immigration in Senegal.
"Migrants encouraged to risk all, as Gaddafi claims: "Stolen Wealth" by the European Colonists."
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