Skepticism: Core of Scientific Evolution

VIDEO: Climate Change (before G8 Summit)
The only way that we will overcome our differences, and reduce greenhouse gasses; is by removing the fear of skepticism... After all, every scientific achievement has held Skepticism at its core.
If one must fear... Fear ignorance, not inquiry.

In US: Technical Approach; In Europe: Political/philosophical Approach...Our one true commonality, is our evolving quest for alternative energy sources...
Los Angeles, California- Oil Fields 1945!

Let’s pursue the differences between Science and philosophy because:
Level heads (not shock tactics) -Are needed in climate solution .

Ridiculed NASA Scientist regrets exercising the "science" of skepticism.
NASA chief regrets remarks on global warming
In video, Griffin says he wishes he’d
stayed out of debate on climate effects

According to an article by Mark Harper, with News Journal Online…
Scientist seeks balance on global warming,
points to 'sad history of consensus science'
James Wanliss (space physicist and teacher at Embry-Riddle) showed students the two films in an honors course titled "The Politics and Science of Fear" because he said more and more the public is being sold one side of an issue with many dimensions…
Wanliss states, “The truths of global warming are,
if not inconvenient, incomprehensible.”

In fact, according to Embry-Riddle Scientist, John Olivero (professor and chairman of the department of physical science) who (too) believes that Skepticism is an essential tool of the scientific method; says this:
"Science lives with internal conflict all the time. Part of what we have to do is continually challenge each other." That process, they say, leads scientists closer to truths that may be elusive for lifetimes. Read more
It is said that, if climate change politics favor conformity to a particular model of thinking; the burst from hypothesis will be marginalized... From Galileo, to Newton, to hawking; all evolutions in science have demanded from themselves, the essential protocol of a welcoming identify the solution(s).

In fact, if we do not share this Scientific Skepticism, we will become stifled to explore what we least readily know...I believe that Scarcity is just another 'ill' to heal...And we ought not strive to maintain that.

Origin of Earth's Magnetic Core Remains a Mystery
Russia Knows How To Prevent Global Warming

Fact is, everyone is behind on their global warming payments.
Europe's flawed cap-and-trade system
actually seems to encourage pollution

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