Celebrities in Smaller Doses, Please!

It's expected to be "just the price of fame"... But mix that with vehicles, high speed chases, and the droves of paparazzi feeding hundreds of daily publications...And one realizes that gone are the days when a gentler dose of imagery, included the likes of Artists such as Wallace Seawell
Photographers Ready to feed "public fascination"
Stars denounce paparazzi fervor
“There’s a level of familiarity with celebrities that’s implied by this tabloid world,” says Catherine Olim, a publicist with the PMK-HBH agency who represents such stars as Nicole Kidman and Glenn Close. “It’s very scary. And it can literally put celebrities’ lives in danger.”

It's wrong for anyone to drive under the influence! But it might even be a bad move for a celebrity to drive... And while the world shouts inequality; how many ordinary civilians have their dates and dinners monitored by long-range lens; and the slightest drink contents, set on CHP speed-dial?
Aggressive paparazzi with high-tech gear
take intrusion to whole new level
Many question this "much-maligned" profession's involvement which leads to celebrity arrests. But few believe that they are crusaders for public safety... :/ View the clip of a few (of the thousands) of paparazzi in route to "re-incarcerate" Hilton...
You judge the hazard, here! View: 'Paris Pandemonium':
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Jules Crittenden: VICTIM OF SOCIETY
"Anyway, drunk driving kills, she did the crime, she has to do the time. Life
just got a whole lot simpler than Paris Hilton probably ever expected."

Celebrity Justice Cuts Both Ways for Paris Hilton
Wise words of Rick Moran...
Remember? AUDIO: Media members condemn paparazzi activities
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