Xhorxh Bushi: Honored by Albanians

Bush Receives Hero's Welcome in Albania
For many of the World's Nations of today, Modernity is Liberty and Freedom of the People's Voice... And amidst their struggle ahead; Albanians honor Xhorxh Bushi who stood beside them, and believed it could be their Choice...
Read an excellent article, from recent past to present, by Austin Bay:
An Albanian’s view of recent history
Bush calls for Kosovo Independence
Bush receiving the Order of National Flag Award
Gatewaypundit posts the chain of events:
Bush Mobbed in Albania! Pro-US Nation... Celebrates Historic Visit
Bush said the summit in Heiligendamm had tried to determine whether there was a way to make Kosovo independence acceptable to Russia...But refused, on Sunday, a “dialogue without end” on Kosovo. In full crisis of the relations with Russia; threatened to ignore the opposition of this, in order to establish the independence of the Serb province with Albanian majority...Read more
"Albanians know the horror of tyranny," the president said. "And so they're working to bring the hope of freedom to people who haven't known it. And that's a noble effort and a sacrifice."

The U.N. Security Council has been divided over Kosovo's independence. The United States and key European countries support Kosovo's statehood while Russia, traditionally a Serbian ally, opposes it. Moscow says it would set a dangerous precedent for other breakaway regions." Read more

Question and Answer: Kosovo's future
"Russia has threatened to veto a UN resolution that endorses the Ahtisaari plan and prompted a split between Western countries on the timescale of a solution - agreed or imposed.

At the latest G8 summit in Germany, newly-elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy proposed a six-month delay in a Security Council vote that otherwise appeared imminent - to avoid a Russian veto.

But countries like the US and the UK say no extension is ever going to produce agreement between Kosovo Albanians and Serbs - a view firmly shared by Mr Ahtisaari himself who sent his package to the UN after Serbia's refusal to negotiate." Read more
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