A Protest in the Middle of the Ocean

UPDATE-Correction: On second glance, today's migrant crisis takes on a whole new reality concerning Libya's humanitarian violations...

The Migrant's protest appears to be this:
Gaddafi abets illegal immigration in Senegal
Migrants risk all as Gaddafi claims: "Stolen Wealth" by the European Colonists, as he encourages departures by boat; posing a serious threat to the migrant's survival...(Arabic) English below
Colonel Gaddafi urges Africans to clandestine immigration, where he told them: "They left us empty... miners left us with poverty, our wealth was transferred to their countries. We go behind our wealth stolen."
Image: Paul Bompard in Rome
CAPTION: The men were transferred after 24 hours to the Italian naval vessel Orione, which was in the area searching for another boatload of migrants known as the “Phantom boat”.
The fate of these civilians are obviously not a part of:
African grouping, which gains two more members at Libya summit

UPDATE: Excerpt of Gaddafi's 2007 Speech - #

Akhbar Libya | Osama bin Taher : At the time in which he called Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and Senegalese Africans to emigrate to Europe, symposium was organized under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior (the General People's Committee for Public Security) and the Libyan Olympic Committee, which is chaired by Mohamed Ibn Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to fight clandestine immigration from the Libyan territory.

Colonel Gaddafi has delivered a speech in the Senegalese capital Dakar, on the sidelines of the inauguration ceremony of President Abdoulaye Wade, urging Africans to clandestine immigration, where he told them "we must force them to pay compensation."

He spoke of Colonial Europeans: "Now we protesting because we go to Europe in search of work, and they say these are illegal immigration." And then asks: "When they came from Europe, America, and Africa invaded," Is this legitimate?

"We have the right to go to Europe because we go behind our wealth, which turned to the economic power of Europe, and want to work there and now doing nothing of the wealth stolen from us. We refer to gold, diamonds, iron, copper and cobalt. They left us empty.. Miners left us with poverty, our wealth and transferred to their countries. We go behind our wealth stolen."

In conjunction with the incitements Colonel Africans to emigrate meeting was organized on, under the banner of social visitors Youth Association, on illegal immigration and its effects on youth. Visitors were selected for this symposium because large groups of clandestine immigrants from the region make a springboard for their boats towards Europe. #

Last sentence:
"Anyone ejecting the colonialism poisons, will be crushed ... him and his ideas."
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