Border Gangs Won't Vote Fred Thompson

Remember this in 2002? Gang Wars Push L.A. Murder Rate
"L.A.'s Top Cop Fears Gang Wars Could Make City Murder Capital"
Update: 5 years of weak borders: "Gang capital of America!"
Quick importations of Colombian & Mexican gangs, find US streets filled with gang-war battles for primacy...Read more
Vote Fred Thompson 2008...Americans will get that secure border!
June 1, 2007:
Justice Department has dispatched additional teams of federal agents to combat guns, gangs or surging murder rates...The jostling over gang primacy has hit some of America's poorest neighborhoods; amidst a soaring migrant base. Read more

As streets begin to look like Somalia style urban anarchy, or third world Africa...National media outlets won't touch it! As those in Washington study the impact and busily court illegal migrant's votes...
Read this study: Center for Immigration Studies
Steadily rising immigrant populations will continue to change the racial complexion of U.S. House representation in a number of California, Texas, and New York congressional districts within the next 20 years.

With the 2010 census redistricting, just a few years away, as many as six seats currently held by members of the Congressional Black Caucus could be given up to Latino candidates. #

VIDEO: Schwarzenegger Meets with:
Law Enforcement Community to Discuss Gang Violence

Initiative to Combat Gang Violence
"I am announcing a coordinated, multi-faceted, anti-gang initiative that focuses on the three strategies everyone agrees work best: suppression, intervention and prevention.”

Security at our borders has to be one of the most important factors in reducing the increase of gang populations...Rivalry exists as illegal migrants condemn the poorest African-Americans who find difficulty in trying to adjust to Latino influence in changing neighborhoods. Making ghettos into Barrios as immigrants from Mexico and Central America gravitate toward cheap housing. -USA

Read this from Heather Mac Donald at city-journal:
Hispanics were 12 percent of the state’s population and 16 percent of new prison admits; by 1998, they were 30 percent of the California population, and 42 percent of new admits. #
And an important article from FrontPageMagazine: Bill Steigerwald
"The Wall Street Journal reported that DHS (Department of Homeland Security) estimates that possibly up to 20 percent of illegals wouldn’t qualify for amnesty because of criminal backgrounds. That is a huge, huge, huge number. I’m frankly surprised it’s that high because the real crime problem happens between second and third generations. With Mexicans it goes up eight times. Gang involvement is highest in the second generation.

But welfare use is just very large -- 45 percent of households in 2005 headed by immigrants without a high school degree used at least one major welfare program. That includes all immigrants, but these days the immigrant flow is overwhelmingly Hispanic and overwhelmingly illegal and low-skilled. So there is a very high correlation between low-skilled immigrants and welfare use.

In the future, if you have Hispanics having kids out of wedlock, that’s a recipe for poverty that leads to more welfare use. So they qualify for Medicaid -- all illegals qualify for Medicaid under most states. So that’s huge. Medicaid now is breaking state budgets."

read full article
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