Putin's Struggle with Russian Liberals

The Canadian interview of Mr. Putin, and a series of Russian Liberal news release; clearly show the dynamics of a most misunderstood President... Amidst many differences, there exists much similarity here in U.S!
Mr. Putin grants an interview on his first state visit to Canada:
Vladimir Putin's secret dream
He sheds light on his desire to transform the economy, not the creation of a larger Military; and details Russia's humble and more modest ambitions.
Putin Defends Chechen War
"Putin defended the brutal war in Chechnya, calling it an action against “terrorists” and “fanatics” who threaten the civilized world. “No humanitarian rules should be applied to terrorists.” But a final settlement of the Chechnya conflict “can be reached only by legal and political means” Read more
The Cross-fire of Putin's Positions
Russian Liberal article:
Russia's Nuclear Stockpile Rusting
Western Publication:
Russian atomic stockpile at risk of 'uncontrolled chain reaction'

US : Europe furious at US climate call
Russia: Putin Crackdown Gives G-8 Concern Russia Is `Problem'

UPDATE: Another good reason to Vote Republican in U.S. 2008:
The world's only true democrat: Doesn't Live in America!

Russian liberals have sharply criticized Mr. Putin for many recent actions:

On the revival of the Soviet anthem, Mr. Putin said he respected the views of liberals who associate it with Joseph Stalin, the dictator who commissioned the song in the 1940s. “Many people still remember the full horrors of Stalin's prison camps, and their wounds are still bleeding.”

But many of Russia's greatest achievements are linked
to the Soviet period and its symbols, Mr. Putin said.

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said, May 30, that while...
"There are some areas where we disagree, where we've had open disagreements," cooperation between the United States and Russia "is important in solving regional conflicts, stopping the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and combating terrorism and extremism."

"It remains important to have Russia in global leadership, dealing with major problems," says the American Academy's Smith. "It's just going to be very difficult." #
From Terrorist's rights to expensive Global Warming goals
Russian liberals assail Putin's plan to strengthen central government

After Heiligendamm, Bush, 60, and Putin will meet again at the Bush family seaside home in Kennebunkport, Maine, July 1-2.

Read a A very unbiased look at the History of Russia's Struggle
Still in deep depression by the mid-1990s, who can forget Russia's financial crash of 1998. This country deserves credit for their enormous strides...
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