Cryptozoologists Explore Gambia Legend

If you’re traveling in the swamps of West Africa... and see a rather large winged serpent about 50 meters (160 feet long) with luminous green and black mirror-like scales, a diamond crown or tiara with a Koran-inscribed crest (a-top its “horse-like” head)...And spewing a shredded wrath of fire from its mouth... You've just met the Ninki-Nanka!

And according to Gambia Ledgend (and many deaths)
It’s not your lucky day…
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View a very recent VIDEO released by the Centre for Fortean Zoology... documenting their expedition into the swamps and jungles of West Africa, in search of a dangerous dragon-like monster known as the Ninki-Nanka...
Exploring the rhythm of folklore-or-fact; which evacuated an entire village...

In these days of increasing degradation of the Earth's magnetism and shifting plates; we are seeing merging species of Snakes that can breathe in fresh water/salt water and air...These Scientists returned to Great Britain with samples for a breeding colony, to trace their ecology...
Here we go again, fire-breathing Dragons! (^__^) haha ... Note (below)

ABOUT: A team of British cryptozoologists from the Centre for Fortean Zoology have released a film, documenting their expedition into the swamps ... all » and jungles of West Africa, in search of a dangerous dragon-like monster known as the Ninki-Nanka.

The six person team visited the Gambia and Senegal last summer, to investigate the legend of a monster so awful, locals believe that to look upon it is death. The Ninki-Nanka is said to resemble a gigantic crested serpent and provokes terror in the locals even to this day.

“One man was so frightened of the monster he refused to enter a swamp where, years before, a sighting of the beast had caused a whole village to be abandoned. We had to speak to him from behind a bush, where he was hiding in terror,” said Richard Freeman, Zoological Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology."
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