Moore’s Little Lie- at Cuba’s Expense

View this brilliant Documentary work of filmmaker Luis Moro...
Visit his site here: LOVE and SUICIDE
REAL PEOPLE give truth about THE REAL CUBA: VIDEO Reviews!
From History making film LOVE & SUICIDE... A man goes to Cuba and discovers the one thing between love and suicide. Starring: Kamar de los Reyes, Luis Moro, Daisy McCrackin. Visit for screening updates... #

This is true Documentary ART!... Touching upon real-life struggles, without reaching to exploit or distort a third world country's disadvantages, to make your truth...
Michael Moore's SICKO: A "mocked-up" convincing 'pro-Castro' portrait of Healthcare; presented to rally the world (with its own set of ills)
All to drive a point home!

I feel that it is fitting to link this clip by Director Luis Moro, to Moore...
Director Luis Moro Filmmakers without borders: Developing...
I am not saying that America's health care is perfect... Nor is it realistic to expect that there exist "perfect health care conditions" in the world today...

But when systems, which might be worse than those of the Free world, are represented as examples of perfection; they often thwart the efforts for REFORMS which are desperately needed in these countries...

EXAMPLE: Cindy Sheehan's rally efforts in (and for) Venezuela!
With "Michael Moore-type" Lies... Standing ovation from Venezuelans !
Today, Middle Classes Escape over fear of Rising Dictatorship!
And now, after a majority vote; Venezuelans cling to the organization of American States, for humanitarian Rights!
In pictures: Venezuela strike chaos

Sheehan said she was so impressed by Chavez's sincerity."
I worried about the Venezuelans over this... I wish them safety, and stability.
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