Mother Nature Decides...

Welcome to a brand new year of awareness…2007
I'm not at all for theories which try to scare, and feel that we may be limited as to what we can do here. With the coming year, we should be aware that Peace & cooperation with our neighbors might be an important key to our survival; but it is Mother Nature who Decides...
-UPDATE: Read a letter/reply by Don Surber, which places these issues into proper perspective! In praise of global warming .

The latest Arctic Drill, containing climate records spanning about 500,000 years, was the find of the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, who say that in one day, the drilling team retrieved a core of 83m...
Far greater than expected
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Today, in the news initial analysis of sea-floor cores near Scott Base suggest the Ross Ice Shelf had collapsed in past, & had probably done so suddenly.

With archives to explain of our past, and help us to unravel the world's history amidst ice-caps far below Antarctic Ice sheets; these teams are now slowly revealing the mysteries of our ever-shifting World...Scientists say that after the collapse of the Larsen Ice Shelf (in 2002) its researchers have learned that expanses of ice could collapse..."extremely quickly"...

View Animation: collapse of the Larsen Ice Shelf
Quick explanation: Theory of how the ice disintegrates.

MODIS: Images from NASA's Terra satellite, National Snow
and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado, Boulder.
More: A total of about 3,250 km2 of shelf area disintegrated in a 35-day period beginning on 31 January 2002. Over the last five years, the shelf has lost a total of 5,700 km2, and is now about 40 percent the size of its previous minimum stable extent.
Personal Summary:
Primordial Precepts: The Bi-polar Wars "I believe that it might be possible that much of the consciousness of the Earth feels a shift in magnetics, and has become "dead-locked" in its decision-making, its agreements, and has heightened its fight to dominate. This explains the merging primitive cultures who (more than ever before) fight to gain a foothold in Modern society."
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View Karohemd's photography in the Arctic

And more Photography here

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