Cuban Youth Lack Zeal for Revolution

I'm surprised that they would think that these youth would scream for the revolution or protest for their place as a new generation of "Dictator Compatriots"...By now the world knows that in Cuba, these children would basically, settle for "a little more freedom."
According to an article:
Young Cubans yearn for more material comforts,
less propaganda by Vanessa Arrington (AP)
PHOTO: Kind permission of D. Harvey
Vanessa explains the dramatic poverty of the island's "special period" in the 1990s, when the collapse of the Soviet Union and end to its subsidies plunged Cuba into economic crisis...
"The period translated into a "frustration of expectations" for Cuba's young people, said Damian Fernandez, a Cuban-American who heads the Cuban Research Institute at Miami's Florida International University. "The economic shortage, and that closure of opportunity, have clearly scarred this generation."
Of course, force has an impotent ability to organize anything; but you wonder if Fidel's push toward "Revolution-Ideology" can continue to shape events and influence the relations of the new generation...Or if the youth's hunger for an ideal, or rightful position toward prosperity will lead them, instead.

Imagine an entire merging generation of those who desire to be "Achievers" and not Revolutionaries, and of whom are goals setters, instead of workers under the strong-arm of a government...

Children are the "pride and joy" of every country in the World. You want the best for them... If more countries held this important truth, we would have policies dedicated to a better life for all; in order that we might set the next generation on the right path.
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