I'm Tired of Mid-East Guilt! Now Izzat!

Countries and groups openly wage attacks on the Iraq Government, and then question the "protocol" of Iraq's independent Judiciary to carry out an execution! A sentence handed down on November 5th...

The November "Death by hanging" conviction of Saddam, to provide closure, and justice, is met with Hussein's fugitive deputy, Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri who today, has seated himself into the position of Baath Party Leader for the sole expressed purpose of:
Revenge, and to over-throw of the Iraqi Government!

And just who are these people who talk of Saddam as a "Prisoner of War" when he was tried and convicted for "crimes against Humanity!"... And, what makes more sense... complaining that a notoriously inhumane killer is not being treated with respect; or taking preference to a "Firing squad", after it was a hanging!


I'm tired of the MidEast guilt, and their collapse of "time-lines" to justify wrong actions! None can contest Saddam's ruthless killings of hundreds of thousands of people in the region, so they question method of execution! These people are:
all the people the World never wanted to meet!

If the World community truly knew how to safely end these attacks waged on thousands of innocents around the globe...
They would be swiftly "taken-out" in less than a week!

As Ibrahim, the most senior leader of the ousted regime still at large, vowed that the ousted president's execution would only strengthen the anti-US insurgency in Iraq.
Izzat says, "I call on the valiant commanders of the jihad and the brave fighters in all jihadi groups to strive seriously to create a jihad and resistance front in order to destroy the enemy and liberate our beloved homeland," said the statement posted on the website of Iraq's dissolved Baath party."
And goes on to say:
"I vow to pursue the sacred jihad and step it up
until the total liberation of our homeland."
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Excellent posts:
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"Some don't want peace with the rest of the world, some don't want to 'get along', some don't want our form of government. What do some want?...

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Honza P. lists some interesting posts, I haven't seen before

Chad at inthebullpen: So Saddam is Dead . . .
"and at least some Sunnis in Iraq are furious. It also appears we can add another ill-gotten conspiracy to the mix aided by the infallible Arab media."

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