Guard or Democracy: Sectarian Choice?

The Iranian Republic is against a Unified Iraqi Democracy
(already taken to vote by the Iraqi people.) Thus, their
interference is clearly an attempt to subvert a government:


Iran upgraded the post of its representative
in Iraq: Hassan Kazemi Qomi, from
charge d'affaires to Iran's Ambassador to Iraq...
Hassan Kazemi Qomi: 1st Iranian Ambassador
to Iraq, after 26 years. (Since 80's)

Ahmadinejad: No need for Iran-U.S. talks on Iraq

The Iranian president demanded that U.S.-led forces in Iraq
“step aside” and allow the Iraqi people to govern themselves.

-He demands that the U.S. "Step Aside"?!-

In the words of Iran's New Ambassador to Iraq:
“We do not deny America has interests here (in Iraq) and we
do not act as a barrier to those interests, but we do not take
orders from the Americans,” he replied; speaking from within
his heavily fortified embassy.

In a Nov. 1st report from Iran Daily

U.S. military intelligence and the American-backed Iraqi Nat'l
Intelligence Service say that Ghomi is a member of the Iranian
Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force, a special forces
outfit much like the Green Berets, with specialized skills in
working with local forces and militias.
A senior U.S. military intelligence officer claims, “Ghomi is
Quds Force,” and part of a “full-spectrum effort” by the
Revolutionary Guards to garner influence in Iraq...
Likewise, British Prime Minister
Tony Blair and other senior officials had claimed there is
evidence that a series of deadly attacks on troops in
southern Iraq are the work of Iran and the
Lebanese group Hezbollah.
Kazemi-Qomi statement::

“Tehran has nothing to do with
the recent bomb attacks in Iraq."

Iraqi Gov. cites Iran for Frontier Violations

Iraq wants answers on Iranian
shelling of Kurdish rebels
IRAN: Their Sabotage and Misconceptions
Kazemi-Qomi statement::

"I stopped my military service years ago."
(The Baseej continue to be a major pillar of
support for hard-line president Ahmadinejad)

IRAN: Sabotage & the Mullah Wars
"You were evidently spared the
fate of the rest of the Senior guard."-M.B.
The diplomat, however, suggested
that Iran would prove a better partner and
guarantor of Iraqi stability than the U.S.
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