IRAN: Their Sabotage and Misconceptions

In what has been determined by Iran as 'empty talk'...
Iranian Defense Minister, Mostafa Mohammad Najjar spoke
in Azerbaijan about the use of force by United State's to
halt their nuclear program:
Source: © Reuters-Ltd Netscape04/20/06 08:40
Mostafa Mohammad Najjar told reporters:
"The United States has been threatening Iran for 27 years and
this is not new for us, therefore we are never afraid of U.S.
threats... If you take into account the fact that they are not
doing anything, this shows it is just talk. We are ready to
resolve all issues through negotiations (but) if we are
confronted with something, we are ready to deal with it."
Iran's Deadly Misconceptions:

"Nearly "The Entire International Community" has
confronted him on this issue...(which still gives me the impression
that the U. S. is being baited for a strike, to justify an full attack
on Israel.) Perhaps we're the least of his worries. Ahmadinejad
might just take a look at his own country, censored from
expressing division on his leadership; and their worry of
coming under US or Israeli military strikes.
Ahmadinejad, who wishes to appear (in eyes of Iranian citizens)
as Iran's nationalist leader, Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq (who
nationalized Iranian oil in the early 1950's) has failed...
On April 18th- 19th:
Ahmadinejad militiamen
Shoot up another family town
One thing clear, is his continuing sabotage of Iraq:
Read this post, by an Iraqi dentist, who maps the violence,
as it leads back to Iran… Street Battles in Adhamiya

"One resident recalled a voice broadcast over a nearby
mosque's loudspeakers shouting: "Go for jihad! Defeat
these aggressors!" Ahmadinejad militiamen's typical style
has been to round up the Sunnis and execute them...
Iran keeping Iraq on the boil… How they believe that this,
and an upset to the relatively stable Kurdish north area
(coveted by the Turks) will stave off action against their
nuclear program, I do not understand...
Azerbaijan (a Caspian Sea state on Iran's northern border)
is an ally of Washington, who has run joint exercises with the
U.S. military. Azerbaijan's President, Ilham Aliev, is to fly to
Washington next week at the invitation of the White House.

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