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Link: On Earth Day, hope for the environment!
As we celebrate Earth Day this Saturday,
here are some very positive improvements:
~Air pollution has decreased 50 percent overall, with
sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides dropping steadily.
~Lakes in the Northeast are recovering
from their earlier dousing with acid rain.
~Cars no longer burn leaded gasoline.
~Ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons
(CFCs) have been generally phased out.
~Endangered species, including bald eagles,
wolves, and grizzly bears, have rebounded.
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"There exist, environmental conditions which are
beyond our control, but the practice (below) must end...

In areas of our world, in the quiet rhythm of life in the
frozen Antarctic, we must end a practice that does not "Aid
in 'keeping down seal populations'.. in fact, world experts
agree that the size of this hunt puts the harp seal population
at risk, and the increasingly high annual quota for hunting
seals is regularly exceeded by sealers."-M.B.
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(Some parts- 2 & 3- sensitive endings)

"Please go to site (below) & support... Thank you"..M.B.
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