Banned by Iran: Except Favorable News

Iran bans a Western news agency, but lifts the ban after
receiving an apology; there-by setting its own precedent for
favorable news reporting. Meanwhile: Thousands of Iranian
bloggers are "removed" from the internet, while they are
threatened, fined, harassed, flogged, and (or) sentenced.

A couple most recent MSM kiss-ups examples of
News-story precedent ... I guess you could say that
they're a good 'platform for the Islamic Republic'...

Slant #1 -HT: LGF
AP's: Nick Wadhams- Gives a little "backwards think"
Letter Shows Iran's President Seeking Bond

"As Ahmadinejad asked Bush to do some soul-searching and atone
for past U.S. transgressions, the United States dismissed the letter
as irrelevant and devoid of any concrete proposals whatsoever."
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Slant #2:
TIME depicts a dear, sincere, sweet man...
Simpatico to Ahmadinejad
AFP / Getty Images
"How much longer will the blood of the innocent men,
women and children be spilled on the streets, and
people's houses destroyed over their heads? ”
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Why does Ahmadinejad continue to think the World does not
know about his blood-baths in Iraq! 1,577 of the 1,972
jihadis arrested since last May were Iranians!
Iraqi paper claims Iranians fighting there

"I don't know of anyone who is not aware that Ahmadinejad
has been busy trying to subvert the Iraqi government through
his militia, for an Islamic Republic take-over. Hand-in-hand
with the Badr militia and Sadr's Mehdi Army." -M.B.
Iran gaining influence, power in Iraq through militia

Iraq wants answers on Iranian
Shelling of Kurdish rebels

"Focused insurgence attacks on the electrical infrastructure.
Electricity viewed as a catalyst for economic growth, allowing
more access to news and international programs."
IRAN: Their Sabotage and Misconceptions
-About the ban-
Ahmadinejad claims that on Jan. 14th, CNN mistranslated
his statement: Iran has a right to "nuclear technology,"
..And instead translated it as: "nuclear weapons."
-The response-
"CNN reportedly apologized for the mistake."
-The result-
The Islamic Culture and Guidance Ministry's
Foreign Press Department reinstated CNN reporting:

"We are waiting to assess
CNN's future activities."

2 . 14 . 06
We all saw the film-clip (translated into multi- languages)
Hosted by MemriTV...Enclosed again: VIDEO-LINK
I guess he evidently forgot to put a "video-comma" between his
"Nuclear ambitions" and "ISRAEL WILL BE REMOVED!"
"They removed the statement:
Israel will be Removed"...(IN EDIT!)

..."I rest my case."-M.B.

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