VIDEO- McKinnon: US Extradition

British Computer Hacker Set for US Extradition
McKinnon wins all inclusive holiday to Cuba

~How he did it: VIDEO: Hacker fears 'UFO cover-up'
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NASA has declined to comment about the allegations
made by Gary McKinnon. Previously the US has
described Mr. McKinnon as a significant
military hacker. -B.B.C.

Question: What were you doing prior to the most recent arrest?

McKinnon: I wanted to get the trailing documentation to screw
the Americans. I looked at things and I didn't like what I was
seeing. They talk about the war on terror, and meanwhile they
are training people in...Read more

"BBC asked him if he had any tips for hackers to stop,
and he gave tips for how not to get caught!
...Also, during 9-11; Shame on you, hacker!"-M.B.

A British computer expert accused by Washington of the world's
"biggest military hack of all time" should be extradited to the
United States to stand trial, a court ruled on Wednesday, May 10,
Gary McKinnon, 40, was arrested last June following charges by
US prosecutors that he illegally accessed 97 government computers
--including Pentagon, US army, navy and NASA systems -- causing
$700,000 worth of damage. Britain's Home Secretary will make
the final decision on deportation.

Slash Dot's interesting comments :
'UK Hackers' Condemn McKinnon? (M.A's site is blogging this?!)

Paper Chase Newsburst (from the jurist)-
International brief ~ UK court recommends
extradition for US military hacker

Leave it to our own, L.A.Times:
He finds the computer game 'Rome:
Total War' tougher to master than
military networks.
Is this his website? on

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