Framboise et Mascarpone!

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The "giant-sized" raspberries are here!...
(And you really must try Mascarpone!)
You won't need an ice-cream maker!
serves six
~1/2 cup sugar
~Scant 2 cups Water
~1 Lemon finely grated zest & juice
~2 cups Raspberries, (plus extra to decorate!)
~2- 1/2 cups Mascarpone Cheese

How to:
1. Gently heat sugar and water in sauce-pan bring to boil
2. Add lemon zest, juice; gently boil 3 min. till syrup -& cool
3. Crush raspberries lightly (fork), but not puréed, stir rest of sugar
4. Beat Mascarpone (Large bowl) till smooth slowly add lemon syrup
5. By hand: Pour mascarpone mixture into freezer container;
Freeze: 3-4 hrs, beating twice as thickens
6. Spoon crushed raspberries onto ice-cream (Using metal spoon)
Fold until rippled. Make sure to reach corners, too! :)

7. Freeze several hours or overnight until firm
8. Scoop the ice cream into glasses, decorate with extra raspberries!
Carnival of the Recipes #89

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