BRAZIL: Exercising Nuclear Diplomacy

"Brazil's on-going nuclear program lends proof that the use of diplomacy to assure a country's peaceful intentions, remain an essential thread to the survival of humanity."
"Einstein told us that one day agreements
would become essential...The time is now."-M.B.

"If you can enrich to 5 percent, you're decades away from enriching to 90 percent," Odair Dias Goncalves, president
of the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission, explains. "You need a whole new technology that we don't have."
"To further elaborate"....
Brazil says its plant will be capable of enriching natural uranium to less than 5 percent uranium-235, (an isotope needed to fuel its two reactors)...
Warheads need ore that has been enriched to 95 percent uranium-235, a material..Brazil says it can't and won't produce.
Many crucial differences exist between Brazil's current nuclear production, & Iran's defiant stance:

Brazil doesn't cheat on the Nonproliferation Treaty and does not exist in an area of high tension. In fact, it is safe to say that Brazil has NEVER been in a war (unless, you count 1870.) Brazil essentially has NO geopolitical enemies! (Wish I could say that of the United States.)

Brazil hasn't threatened to remove any country, and its peaceful constitution bans the military use of nuclear energy.
Current Nuclear FactsBrazil has the world's sixth-largest uranium reserves, but until the plant becomes operational, it can't use the fuel for energy without shipping it to and from URENCO, the European enrichment consortium. The government-run Industrias Nucleares do Brasil S.A. has been conducting final tests at the enrichment plant, built on a former coffee plantation in Resende, 90 miles west of Rio de Janeiro. When it opens this year, Brazil will join the world's nuclear elite.

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