ALLIES: Perspectives and Priorities

"Yes, we and our allies, have different ways of seeing
things. For America, holding onto our principals will
out-weigh economics, 'world status', or 'world opinion'.
And when you hold ground, and hold onto your truths,
a balance in all considered, finds it way back to you.
Oh, and another of differences: "Press Freedoms."
CAPTION: -Russian photographers try to take a picture of Mikhail
Khodorkovsky's arrival at the Moscow court house through
the hole of a fence. (Tatyana Makeyeva, AFP)
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Russia and China - two veto-wielding Security Council members,
continue to oppose the possibility of such punitive actions, as partial
sanctions. Of course, the pipe-line and other billion dollar projects
might risk delay... But consider this: A collapse in reprimand and
a nonregulated nuclear program, will increase further incident!

"So, how can votes which effect business dealings,
expect to address current threats at large?"
They Can't...
"So what is Russia's position concerning other incidents
which might impact in our World Community?

An article in Johnson's Russia list, outlines the philosophy of
Russia (regarding pre-emptive strikes against terrorist sponsors)
Russians find force to be most effective
weapon against terrorism

Recently, the U.N. Security Council lowered its membership
criteria to include Terrorist sponsoring Nations. Their
rationale? They would allow them, and "not vote for them."
Bottom -Line:
So what's in front of us? Enriched uranium, depending on the
degree of processing, can be used either to fuel civilian power
plants or to make nuclear weapons. An unregulated technology
will reach the wrong hands...Mandatory IAEA will no longer be
there to help monitor the community. With the trigger-finger of
Iran's Religious Doctrine and technology sharing, we ought to
all be concerned. This not something to take lightly.
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