Iran's New Assembly-line Missiles

"From out of the sky come launchers...
Fresh off the assembly-line!"

Russia's Tu-160 Blackjack bombers and Tu-95 Bears
It is claimed that: On April 22, Russia’s military planes
(Above) flew undetected through the U.S. zone of the Arctic Ocean
to Canada (during recent military exercises) with U.S. investigating
how the military was unable to detect the Russian bombers...
*Routine, Peaceful mission

Iran receives 'missile shipment'
9:14- AM, Thu Apr 27. 2006
(As is reported by Haaretz.)
In February, a German diplomat, citing his country's
intelligence data, confirmed a German newspaper report
which stated that Iran had purchased 18 disassembled BM-25s
from North Korea. Iran has now received a shipment...
The BM-25, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead; also
known as SSN6 (originally manufactured in Soviet Union)
"After the Russians decommissioned the SSN6, the
missiles were sold to North Korea, which adapted them to
carry a heavier payload", the newspaper's military affairs
correspondent said. -Complete list of Soviet's bombs.

"Can't find the satellite images, of which show
enrty of these OLD Soviet bombs."

Iran's new PMisagh 1; anti-aircraft missile

Iran's new 'flying boat' continues to be sharpened in
its ability to track the target with extreme precision, missiles;
firing capabilities carried out by a single in-flight maneuver;
(Claimed to be in "mass-production" & made exclusively in Iran)
And as with the Russian technology (above) completely
"Undetectable by any Naval or aerial radar tracking systems."
Can you imagine what is going on for this guy,
who just finished his report for the IAEA?"

International Atomic Energy Agency
(head) Mohammed ElBaradei
(More later)
Iranian test facility expansion
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