Final "Massive Rally" Closes in NH; as Boston Convention Center Readies for Romney/Ryan; (Nov. 6th!) .. Election Day!

Image: Charles Dharapak; renowned White House Photographer (2012-2020)

Will update... :D

@derekahunter: Liberals are warning about riots if Obama loses, Republicans are promising jobs if Romney wins. Which vision more closely represents hope?

Today's Video Links...
@BettinaVLA: Na na na na, Hey Hey Hey; Goodbye- [VIDEO]

@WashingtonDCTea: U need to see this. [VIDEO!!] Busloads of Lefty Voter Fraud!
Going from poll 2 poll State 2 State!

@barbaylive: Culture of Corruption (Keynesian Kings & Socialist Queens) [VIDEO]

Let's Go USA! #UNITE, & Vote them OUT!!

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