Wave of Death hits Staten Island; as Sandy Victims Beg for Help [VIDEO]

I'm really frightened for those caught in the aftermath... The hardest hit appears to be Staten Island; and the families (some who reside Globally) unable to relieve their cries for help...

Via WSJ: Wave of Death Hit New York Enclave:
Millions of lives have been upended by the storm, which left 110 reported dead, tens of thousands in the metropolitan area homeless and many more grappling with power outages and gas shortages.

But nowhere was Sandy more deadly than in and around Midland Beach, a working-class enclave of families of Irish, Italian and Russian descent. [Read]

Fellow Americans compelled to carry their message...

Video HT/ @tracysright ; Sandy Victims Beg For Help...
Abandoned by POTUS, on his campaign trail... A perilous failure to lead [READ]

Today's Links...
@TeamRubicon We are on the ground in the Rockaways. #Veterans are helping the residents recover from #Sandy - http://yfrog.com/hw7agqgj
American Veterans arrive by the 1,000's; to clear debris, offer assistance.

UPDATE: Private sector American Veterans coordinate effort, and plunge into the disaster zone!!
From The veterans of @TeamRubicon:
Read @Newsweek Report- [thedailybeast]; VIDEO forthcoming...

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