Well... We tried to restore fiscal sanity, on the road to secure the nation's financial future.... Reforms are essential (though unpopular).. & we lost

So, for the time-being..... FORWARD!!

UPDATE: Forward!.. State Dept: "U.S. Economy is Going to Get Downgraded" [Read]

Day 1,289 since @SenateDems have passed a budget... Nobody's really sure if they are still "on the hook" to do so... And this is crucial since America small businesses, when faced with uncertainty, (IE: extended taxes, regulations, Ins unknowns, etc) will be faced to lay-off more of their work-force... Hiring is what you do when the economy is consistent...

List Of Companies That Have Announced Layoffs Or Closings Since Obama Won Second Term [READ]

Markets reaction to Obama Win...
Wall Street in Multi-Day Retreat...[Read]

And on the same subject...
It's was rather interesting to vote in California... Liberal's Craftily worded initiatives were "wish lists" for the takers who do not pay taxes..

...Yet, California has 33% of TANF aid recipients but 12% of US population...
Simply undeliverable...

Needless to say, over 55 Million Americans are left without [leadership]

Today's Links...
Video: Unknown Number Of Illegal Votes Cast In Ohio: [VIEW]

(More later)

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