From "Are you serious?"; to "We have long-believed in judicial review"... Libs respond to Supremes strike against Obamacare Mandate

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Whistling a different tune after backroom deals, bribes, crony awards, and kick-backs; where-by Senate Democrats blocked Republican efforts to arbitrate (and/or) to demand immediate public disclosure of provisions in the 2010 health care reform act…
Remembering Pelosi's scornful reply, when asked if the Constitution was considered in her crafting of ObamaCare:
"Are you serious, ARE YOU SERIOUS!!"

Today, during a press briefing in the Capitol, Pelosi said:
"Democrats in the Congress have long-believed in judicial review"; adding:"This is part of our constitutional process, and we respect it," [Read]
Liberals fail to understand that Healthcare is an Insurance pool; where-by adding over 40 to 60M new Insurance recipients; delivers a sharp impact to the premiums of the current insured...

In 2009/10 they refused to address fraud; a key driver, cost/prohibitive in the expansion of additionally insured...

Today's Link...
Dems attempt to "rebrand" the ill-conceived, poorly written [H.C. Bill]

More later...

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