Dem Progressive Leader supports intervention of Justice; embroils & invigorates hooded Vigilante Groups

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

A deadly killing becomes a Liberal mascot for election 2012; and embroils race divisions! The killer, a registered Democrat, and the deceased, Obama touts as a son "look a-like"; yet Lefty-Media pins the death of young Hood-wearer on Conservative policies??
How on earth did Conservatives get involved in this??
-Dems use Trayvon 'Hoodie Rallies' to register voters... [Read]
IMAGE: IOTW "Wolverine"

After silence to condemn (Dem supporting) Panther-party's offer of a $1M bounty; Pelosi issued public praise for former Black Panther Rep, Bobby Rush's violation of Sen decorum (Hoodie donning)...
Pelosi: "If Justice System Probe of Trayvon Martin Death 'Doesn't Seem to be Working' 'Other Options' Should Be Considered"...VIDEO: [View/cnsews)
Today, Chicago: Gunmen Wearing Hoodies Kill 1, Wound 5 In Bobby Rush’s Illinois Congressional District… #

Hooded Gunmen leave 13 people shot, 2 dead in Chicago last night, Obama unavailable for comment... [READ]
-ht/ @michellemalkin, @JammieWF

The OWS Body Count Continues To Rise: Man Found Dead At Occupy Tallahassee Camp… [Read]

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