Latest discovery: A massive $17 trillion funding gap, found in the Obamacare "Affordable" Care Act... (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

We're finally seeing what's in the Obama signature Policy...
Buried beneath false-promises is a glaring reality that cannot be ignored.. Leaving absolutely NO logical way to pay for this bill...

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Personal Note: The people can impact affordable measures through competition, incentives, and less Gov't Regulatory burdens.... But a broke Government that continually compromises sensitive data and wastes Tax-payer funds; is the very nightmare that has made Healthcare unaffordable today!
From Dailycaller:
That $99 trillion in unfunded future expenses is more than five years of wealth generated by the United States, which now produces just over $15 trillion of value per year.

The $99 trillion funding gap is equal to almost 30 years of the current federal budget, which was $3.36 trillion for 2011.

The new $17 trillion funding gap is five times the current federal budget.

Currently, the Social Security system is $7 trillion in debt over the next 75 years, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Also, Medicare will eat up $38 trillion in future taxes, and Medicaid will consume another $2o trillion of the taxpayer’s wealth, according to estimates prepared by the actuarial office at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The short-term cost of the Obamacare law is $2.6 trillion, almost triple the $900 billion cost promised by Obama and his Democratic allies, said Sessions.

The extra $17 trillion gap was discovered by applying standard federal estimates and models to the law’s spending obligations, Sessions said.

For example, Session’s examination of the health care law’s “premium support” program shows a funding gap $12 billion wider that predicted.

The same review also showed the law added another $5 trillion in unfunded obligations for the Medicaid program. Read More
Additional Link From AceHQ:
-The Best Argument For The Unconstitutionality of ObamaCare: #
Mr. Carvin responded that the law actually frustrated individual responsibility. #
"They’re compelling us to enter into the marketplace," he said, but "they’re prohibiting us from buying the only economically sensible product that we would want; catastrophic insurance." [Read]

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