Americans eager to move to enforce the Limits of Gov’t ; Supremes weigh-in, Fifth Court of Appeals intervene; Rep Ryan’s Path remains the Nation's most sensible! (Videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

House Dems introduce $3.6 trillion budget plan; would add $6T to deficit...[Read] Today:
"Progressive" House Democrats: [Give Us All Your $$]
Squashing their own narrative; with a Big Fat "growth-destroying" Middle-class Tax-Hike!

Support Rep Ryan, & Choose Prosperity!
Help us fight to reform GOV!

Rep Ryan has said that we must either tackle these Gov spending challenges, or they're going to tackle us.

In an exclusive video interview with Newsmax.TV, the Wisconsin Republican outlines his plan to save Medicare for future generations...

Today's Links...
Texas [Fifth Court of Appeals] gets a handle on (out of control) "Obama EPA"... Ruling against the unconstitutional writing of the agency's own "regulations" which impacts jobs-kill, while ignoring minor NSR, as set forth in 42 U.S.C. § 7410(a)(2)(C) and § 7410(l). [READ]
More Links...
-VIDEO: Obamacare at the Supreme Court: [Day Two]

-VIDEO: Ryan, Johnson on ObamaCare [Court Fight]

-From Matt: IRONY: Top court embraces case Obama made AGAINST HILLARY...[Dailymail]

It's a Tax, It's Not a Tax. It's Complicated. You Wouldn't Understand... Solicitor General Coughs, Stumbles, Stutters Through Defense...[AUDIO]
Conservatives grill Verrilli on [whether it's a tax or not.]

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