Never forget how the Czech Republic was destroyed by vandals 03.11.1918

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The most UGLY times of history are brought forward in what we are seeing as a mix of atheist/Leftist-backed groups, ignorant of the strains of history & enormous sacrifices made for Freedom...

History of the 20th Century is to be over-come, not re-enacted...
The [Story]

Just returned from Italy (16th) to reunite a US family; as streets were snarled w/ destruction & fire bombs... It saddens me to see our US Leftist press fawning & [writing protest scripts] .. And as Obama delivers to Banker interests, he openly supports these potentially destructive groups...

Today's Links...
UPDATE: Italy cracks down on anarchists after riot [Read]
Rioters hijack Rome protests, police fire tear gas [Read]

US left Media and Leftist Leaders praise the street protests, in order to control them; using [false reporting] that actually ignores the OWS threats of violence... But the minute they DO turn violent, Dem-Left Leaders will claim that they were hijacked...

UPDATE: That was quick....
Thieves preying on fellow protesters [Read]

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