Dems delay Jobs-Bill, push for more restrictions; and then pass China sanction bill, with closed amendment selection

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

China Manipulations Sanctions S.1619; allows sanctions against China if Treasury Department finds China is manipulating the price of its yuan.


Senate Majority Reid's restrictions on Amendments offered; Leaves concerned Minority Senate, at substantial disadvantage in providing amendments! (R) McConnell's point is rejected, as Reid cites legal procedure as, "the Good Old Days"...(2-3 yrs ago)

Americans who continue to operate businesses in the USA, and (also) in last decade in China; basically: GO UNDER THE BUS...

-Businessinsider: [Read]

-10 Companies That Could Lose In A Trade War With China [Read]
Democrat group laid out 5 positions for YAY; & few for NAY...
(R) McConnell raises a valid concern; Sen Maj Reid uses an odd Iraq, Afghanistan, analogy to deny amendment selection...

Very inconsistent with cloture rules.
Today's Links...
Article Title: George Soros:
Shadow Banking System In China Growing Out Of Control
Link provided: [Here]

Are we doing Soros policy?? If so, WHY?
And was Brussels Bank Nationalized today?

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