Mystery tombs discovered on Pamirs Plateau; at Silk-Road intersection of east/west cultures

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Interesting story of mysterious unidentified clusters of tombs, discovered on Pamirs Plateau (interior of China)... [Read]

Chinese archaeologists find those buried in the tombs of Pamirs Plateau had dignified social statuses; as ray-like black stones were carried from afar, and terrace for the tomb platform would have been a rare land resource in the area... [STORY]

- Video, of Pamirs today...

Perhaps such drastic societal transformations, are the reason there's such a missing gap between knowledge studies of regional history...

Haven't posted for a while, as I've just returned from Italy, since the 7th... Today, so many rapid upheavals are taking place around the globe... It's shocking, desperate, and so very sad, that those presenting the disturbance, show the least interest in seeking balance...

So quickly it can all spiral out of control...

States are within their Legal Right to prosecute a President who instigates a Revolution; as it deprives the States of primary right of self-preservation...
-State Court of Last Resort (1902)

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