(R) House passes Cut, Cap & Balance; but will it survive (D) Senate's peccant plans, & "favorite" taxpayer-funded beneficiaries?

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-Why the Democratic Party is Doomed [Here]
-Obama's Tax Hike Obsession: [Read]

Conservative States have a better way.... [Read]

-Full of Debt-- conservativebyte

-VIDEO: 3 Reasons why 'debt-ceiling debate' is full of [malarkey]

While Dems push for more spending; Republicans demand that they trim hundreds of millions in waste & Fraud... [Read]

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Enviro-grants & loans blow billions on foreign & domestic scams
More subpoenas issued to Obama Admin Office of Management & Budget; ordering disclosure of documents related to the $535 million loan guarantee the Dept of Energy... [Read]

Obama: "Job creators need to know that Gov will raise debt ceiling"

FACT: They're hesitant to hire, anticipating higher "stimulus" tax!
"And, when injustice becomes law; resistance becomes duty!" -Jefferson

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