Priorities: US Lefty Media glued to UK hacking scandal; while ignoring DoJ Holder's deadly "Gun-Running" Scandal

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

As (US/Mexico) friends & families await answers as to how Obama Admin appointed DoJ; could have [supplied guns to Drug Cartel!] We morn the loss of their Loved-ones... As 2,000 Gov't weapons remain at large.

A trail leads to the Obama Oval office... As DOJ Holder ignores, and impedes the investigative process... Yet makes Murdoch scandal an urgency. Stretching the statutes, he investigates FOX News & associates. [MORE]

FOX News (alone) is covering Holder's, "Gun-running" Scandal...
While the Lefty Media news rival takes Obama-Media's Top Slot...

As the carnage of 2,000 missing Gov't weapons, continue...

[instapundit posts] an article from [Prof Campbell] who explains how the United States is in media battlespace preparation; trying to neutralize Fox News between now and the 2012 election...
-In Britain, it’s also about ensuring the reduction of alt power centers.

-Instapundit reader Steve Eimers writes:

"I find the phone hacking allegations deeply disturbing and hope if true those guilty will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I do think the anger is a bit fake though. POTUS Obama just nominated Richard Cordray to lead the new consumer bureau. This is the same guy who used taxpayer dollars to defend partisan democrat appointees who illegally accessed Ohio state databases in an effort to dig up dirt on Joe ‘the plumber.’

With thousands of employees..Murdoch did the right thing. He found out and FIRED THEM! Those who ignored these HACKERS, must be punished; and not "selectively" so... Hacking is illegal! Lefty Hypocrite Media "cheerleaders" for Bradley Manning, come to mind.

Former News....
The UK News Scandal....
Labour leader urges for new media ownership rules saying News Corporation chief has too much power in the UK...#

"Although News Corp, whose News International subsidiary owned the News of the World, has only a minority 39% share in BSkyB, the Lib Dems argue the company is "strongly placed materially to influence the policy and strategic direction of BSkyB", suggesting the regulator is duty bound to investigate." [Read]

"Strongly placed"... As in, market preference of readers & viewers...

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