Disgraceful tactics to Scare Seniors, is just another low-point in Democrat's history of 'Vote & Debt Scams' (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Instead of scaring Seniors... Democrats are actually making them ANGRY.

Image: Stated truth

A little historic trivia.... SSI was created and structured so that there never was a 'trustfund'. Never. Democrats, under LBJ, took the SS funds that were set aside and put them in the general fund... And now Obama uses tactics to scare Seniors, demagogue Conservative solutions; all to get more TAXES from the American people... #

Jason confronts Obama’s own director for the Office of Management and Budget; Jack Lew:
ht Humanevents

-Obama's Social Security Horror Movie [Read]
Jason asks the Obama Director (OMB) how he could write that not only is Social Security on strong footing, “the trust fund is currently in surplus and growing”... And then, PUSH FOR MORE TAX; on the pretense that they can't guarantee that Seniors will get their Social security checks...

He's too busy to answer the question....

From Human Events:
The reality, of course, is that the Left’s much-ballyhooed “trust fund” is nothing more than a fraudulent accounting maneuver in which government bureaucrats spend Social Security taxes on whatever they want … but not before replacing the cash money with a big, fat IOU.

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A Simplified Overview Of Constitutional Law: [Read]

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