Rep Ryan: Grow the Economy; Save this Country (Video: "Cut, Cap, & Bal")

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Fuzzy image (from Liberal site) cannot be enlarged; and reveals (in RED); the sharp spending cliff of 2010...
largest spending of all!

The current Administration argues that "cut, cap, & bal" doesn't TAX the people enough... Others argue that the CUTS aren't big enough...

ht thedaleygator

What are we, some sort of "Goldilocks Country?"

One can't claim they're for entitlements as they ramp-up the spending; while rejecting those who want to reform them... Government is a ZERO-sum Game... And when multiplied; further jeopardizes our Nation's recovery.

-MY PROPOSAL... (2 yr bal budget)
The temporary... "Congressional Holiday Plan"

Adopt Flat 15% tax (for all); Cut Congress (50 Sen & 50 H);
Two Presidents (1R & 1D); Limit election donations ($100 max)

Its success would determine the resume date of full Government.
(A lesson in market forces.)

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