US Majority voted for improved "private" Ins, not Govt expansion; Update: House repeal (245-189)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Today, a repealed and fully scrapped Obamacare law, will pave the way for the many effective proposals to be set forth by the America people... [Consensus] (see below)
Star53 compiles clip (below) of Allen West, Michelle Bachmann, Jim DeMint, and Mike Pence, who participated earlier this month in a documentary about ObamaCare...

Simple CBO data: [VIDEO] reveals the damaging effects of an implemented Obamacare... And as is believed, would lead to a rapid & full collapse of Medicare; & essentially all functional care in America.

-First Get America's House in Order:
A drastic reduction in fraud & waste; placement of caps on trial disbursements; and enhanced 'state to state' competition.. IMMEDIATELY easing a wider health Ins choice & price.
(Dems fail to pass GOP reforms in 2009.)

I also see a greater Mrkt for affordable "mandatory trvl Ins" thus easing key cause of largest premium hikes on U.S. Tax-payers: "hospital payment defaults, by foreign visitors."
(Add to Visa's, Foreign worker's permits, etc.)

As Health Ins. is quickly & adequately addressed; pre-existing cond. could implement its own "risk care pool" set of solutions; separate from main health Ins system...

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