Gov. Pawlenty, "Don't raise the debt limit; pass Legislation to sequence the spending" (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Republican Governors holding the country together...
But the (R) Congress had better switch tracks from the current WH Leadership's runaway train...

ht: Hotair

Wsj: New Call Not to Raise Debt Cap #
"This debate about how we're going to restructure spending is inevitable. My view is, let's have it now," Mr. Pawlenty said in the Journal interview. [Read]
Boehner: ""Washington has an illness. The illness is spending. The debt is a symptom of the illness. The American people want it cured."

Today’s Links…
M. Malkin: Obamacare: The mother of all job creation-stifling regulations http://is.gd/49PJel #hcrcostsjobs

Pethokoukis: RT @politico: W.H. moves to stymie health care repeal.

Boehner: FACT CHECK: Dem Claims on ObamaCare Repeal Don’t Ring True http://bit.ly/gVwwJe #hcrcostsjobs

Are we being "hoodwinked" by B.O. (with WikiLeaks) #:

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