Must have been some sort of "First Amendment" outburst?

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

China's recruitment of U.S. Business during 20% unemployment (aided by Obama WH)
Did Free expression, anger the "thin skinned?"

Likely some "free soul" expressed an opinion, or asked a question...After all, Tea Party terrorists (sarcasm) have prevented "censorship" (key sacrament of Social Demunists)...
And crushed their Dumunority....

"Small guy" U.S. citizens are limited in investments of "US originated" Company activity; now transferred to China.
-Video: From "Freeps"

Note: These Corporations are the largest campaign contributors to the Obama election... Contending that today's "proclamations and speeches for Freedom" are but platitudes...

VIDEO: May God stand beside us, & guide us: [View]

The U.S. does not (at this time) have a leader in the Free World... All I know is that our Morgues are getting full; and the world, of which was once brought from the bowels of tyranny; are really nowhere in sight.

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