Chinese Counterfeit Goods Costing U.S. Jobs, Profits: Donald weighs-in (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

US Left clangs glasses in amoral display; as [Dynasty of Replication] remains the single largest source of fake products found in Global Mkts.

Video: Chinese Counterfeit goods are costing U.S. jobs and profits... As China ignores US patents...

Donald weighs-in on current Obama sham of transferring US business to China; after trillions squeezed out of USA; & distributed globally.

Obama team, wrong on the devastating effects of "partisan" Gov-run Obamacare upon economy; and crippling effects of "crammed-spending" upon dollar.

Today's Links...
A day after cutting $19B deal with China, Boeing slashes 1,100 US jobs... [Read]
Ruth says, "No US airplane building, no drill for our own oil, no natural gas abundant in this country... Democrats are taking this country down. Wake up people! Let your voices be heard before they manage to silence us.

Harry Reid all smiles for Hu Jintao
The Leftist "Union-nism dream" guarantees US non-competitiveness; as Dems scratch China's back, while slamming cap & trade against US tax-payers. [Read]

Obama’s biggest campaign donor to sign slew of China deals; as US citizens prohibited from investing in US Companies, we founded: [Read]

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