Obama Admin seeks out & sweeps up groups of Italians; charged with forcing kick-backs of bonuses, etc.

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)
U.S. Gov gained recent advantage by "cultivating a crop to wear wires and testify against gangsters in exchange for leniency in their own cases." [read]

They also used fanfare: Holder makes trip to N.Y. to announce operation at news conference, with city's top law enforcement officials. [Read]

Gives a little too much info about the "spilled drink"...
But the formerly: "I don't think we should draw conclusions here", Atty Gen Holder; in fact, gives his own conclusions... And gives no real mention of the long ago retirement of certain alleged suspects...

I stand for no illegality; but aren't some of Holder's info's best served in post-trial setting? Update: Did Holder, Yemeni Lawyer responsible for botching (and delaying) the Gitmo trials for years; "round them up" to supersede a potential Wikileak?
And look at this! Depiro and reputed Genovese associates are charged with forcing port workers to hand over "tribute payments" each year around Christmas: #
"Workers should be free to pursue an honest living without being worried that their own union representatives will shake them down." #
Haha! No mention of how U.S. Tax-payers are shaken-down to pay Union Pensions, and failed Union losses...

So, I guess this means that Dems will go after Mexican Drug Mafia, next; who are on record for assassinating "thousands" of our U.S. Hispanic citizens each year? ("Profile" with wires, for reduced sentences?)

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