Obama joins the Tea Party against internet censorship, & 'massive' GOV over-reach

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Oh, my mistake... He was reading from the flawed document... Maybe after trying to force passage of an anti-constitutionally written [Food police Bill] in the "DEM Majority" Senate; Obama picked up a [pocketbook Constitution]

-Here's the Video:[View]
So, victory matters now, in Afghanistan? #

And here's a Democrat Leadership that finds similarities with [Saul Alinsky] and the U.S. Constitution... Looks like he could use that [pocket book] too; or at least a quote tracker!

But why is it that, allowing private sector job creators "tax incentives" to reverse the down-size; is too hard for this Administration to fathom?

And look at this...
Dem likens tax-cut debate with GOP to 'negotiating with terrorists' [read]

Business 101: Increasing taxes will make revenue drop; and cutting tax further, would make revenue increase... Dems negotiating with terrorists is a whole different subject!
-Video at ACE: [view]

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