After Dem Majority triples deficit, Looney (D) Senator calls for violence if tax cuts are given to productive job creators (aka: Rich)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The Dem Senator talks about "tax-cuts" that aren't paid for, (and not yet earned) and slams Republicans who are for Tax-reductions, to encourage job growth.

-Video is [HERE] *<[;o)~~

For class-warfare Dems: A reminder about who "the rich" are... [must read!]

But, "punishing the rich" is a evil deed, as its advocates get their "middle-class" tax back, in the form of "inflationary Tax" it creates... [& more]

The Senator mentions the Tea party, and Patriotism… But no word about our Constitution which amply states our right to retain the fruits of our own labor..... Instead, she calls for "pitchforks."

Uncommon Knowledge interviews Prince Hans Adam II of [Liechtenstein] who answers the charge that, if he were an American, he would be a member of the Tea Party movement. :D

He talks, incentives and "rewarding the producers"...Selective immigration, and freedom of the people...
This still remains the principals and intent of the United States of America's Constitutional Republic; of Tea Party then & now.

About Liechtenstein:
Liechtenstein is the sixth-smallest independent nation in the world by land area; and with the world's highest standards of living... Reduction in the size of Government, and reduction in taxes, enable prosperity for the Nation's people...
The government of Liechtenstein taxes both personal and business income and principal (wealth). The basic rate of personal income tax is 1.2%. When combined with the additional income tax imposed by the communes, the combined income tax rate is 17.82%...
Tick, tick... They won't be called "Bush Tax-cuts" after they expire...
They'll be called: "Obama Tax Increases"...

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